Monday, 19 February 2007

DMY is on the wrong way...

It is now a settled issue that DMY is in politics. He has selected a nice name ''The Citizen's Power'.

But DMY has been starting to do wrong by the way:

He has mentioned a wrong address in his OPEN letter. By doing this, he has insulted some one who has strong contribution to get our freedom. Please read the link

Selecting the name ‘DMY Somorthok Gusti ’ is another misdeeds which just seems to be creating another personality cult around himself.

So just wait. What the Citizen’s Power can do?

S Das Gupta
London E1 5DN

Reply to The DMY's Open Letter

Dear Sir
Dr. M Yunus


First of all I would like to introduce myself. I was a student of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. Batch (95-99). Now studying in MBA in London, UK.

I have read your open letter with very concentration. And would like to make some question to you.
1. It is not understood in your letter who, the people of Bangladesh, has been requesting you to start politics in Bangladesh. I think only some of people who wants to diminish your image is doing so. If it has been requested from the Running Caretaker Govt. or UE, UNO, UK, USA, Tuesday Group etc, then you should be informed that this request is not from the mass people of Bangladesh.
2. You should be known about the population who are well informed about the Noble Prize. Only a few people know about the Noble Prize and its value. Other is fully unknown to this matter. Noble Prize cannot bring success to the Bangladeshi People. You should not take the risk to take part in Politics.
3. Please let us know what are the views of you on the following matter: ·
· Offender of Independence like Nijami, Gulam Ajam etc
· Fundamentalism to Religion
· Foreign Policy to India and Pakistan
· Ideology to FOTWA
· Income got by Interest VS ISLAM

On the above matter you have not cleared your concept yet. In which concept you will run your party? Is it Central-Right Party or Central- Left Party? I would like to make those questions you because; all the Bengali people are hypnotized by those topics. So before starting to Bangladesh Politics you must declare the answer of above question. .


S Das Gupta

Thursday, 15 February 2007


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Sushanta Das Gupta