Sunday, 29 April 2007

WE NEED TO WAKE UP: The best comment I have ever read

I had a strong support for one of the two ever feuding parties over the other. I know both are bad. Both are bad because we are bad. We vote for them. We become a party of their corruption. We take part in thier destructive so called legitimate democratic movement, hartal, garao/aborhod, bangchur, Jalao-porao, killing campaign of the opposition camps by logi-boita-lathi or guns. We help them making mess of business, economy and communication. We destroy lives and propery. We kill our brothers as the leaders tell us, “they are your enemies”. And even we don’t hesitate to get ourselves killed.

So only the politicians are not blameworthy, we the stupid people who always claimed to be politically conscious are equally responsible of our self-demolition. We vote for them, rig vote for them, we donate and extort money for them, we fuel their fund.

We fail to condemn when our leader isnstruct us if one of us is killed, Kill 10 of them. We fail to condemn when our leader says, Police families and their wives, children have no right to live as police have killed our worker.

We are politically addicted/drunk. Alcholic abusers or drug addicted people may brag they know the different brand names of alchohol or drugs they drink or use. But they really don’t know how do they work and how they kill them. Like-wise we are proud our people are politically conscious but in fact we are polictically addicted population.

We don’t know what politics and democracy are and how they can work for us. WE NEED TO WAKE UP.

Every body must need to study and learn politics so that we can be true political or democratic activist, not the addict.

We need to know about politics as we know A,B,C,D… the alphabet, otherwise, we will be the just prey of crooked corrupt self-seeking politics. One international reknown socialistic politcian once said, ''Politics is too important in life to leave only with politician.''

As I said before I had a strong support for one party. But as I see the country’s interest over party interest I’m now in favor of banning BNP, AWL and Jamat for a fresh start, hopefully a better and brighter polity for the country that suffered too long under the yokes of this trio cataclasmic politics.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Bank Details of Hasina and Khaleda!

After failure of the EXILE formula / PLAN A, the CTG has already started PLAN B . All of the banks in BD have been asked for to send the bank details of Hasina and Khaleda to the CENTRAL BANK. Though Bank clients feel discomfort , we are happy about this kind of investigation.

As per Newspapers:

ProthomAlo,Amardesh,Amadershomoy,JAIJAIDIN,BHORE GHAJ ,Ittefaq ,INQILAB ,Manabzamin ,Jugantor ,Dailyjanakantha ,Dailynayadiganta ,Shamokal ,
Ajkerkagoj,Financialexpress-bd,Bangladeshinfo,Newagebd, ,Zeenews ,Thedailystar , ,Sundaytimes ,Tribuneindia ,Ibnlive

It is definitely a good attempt. Now the details should be published in front of everybody. We have the right to get knowledge about the income of HASINA and KHALEDA.

But the motive of asking the bank details is under microscope now.

The motive would be cleared to all when the bank details of all members of CTG and two powerful generals would come at broad day light according to Hasina and Khaleda.

Update:[Reaction of Hasina and Khaleda]

Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina last night told The Daily Star, “Why running around for the information? I have already submitted those [wealth statements] to the Election Commission along with my nomination papers.”

Asked about the reported Tk 2-3 crore in her accounts, she said, “The money belongs to Bangabandhu Memorial Trust.”

She added, “People and organisations from across the globe donate to the Trust. I can’t tell you exactly how much money it has. The chief accountant could give the specifics.”

She has a joint account with her sister Sheikh Rehana but that is not supposed to have such a big deposit, Hasina said adding that she won’t be surprised if somebody had put the money there to fit her up.

Despite repeated attempts, neither Khaleda nor any member of her family could be contacted for reaction.


Thursday, 26 April 2007

Blogging: An Amazing Experience!!

I use to be on online most of my time. But I have no idea about blogging before I have got the blog address of Sajeeb W Joy in the Awami League website. Then I went to blog site of Joy and find world of BLOG. Its really amazing!

I signed up and unfortunately I have not got the id same as my name ‘sushanta’. Then I had to taken I started writings in blog but I have faced terrific comments on my blog. Then I started moderation. But finally I think I would publish all the comments coming to my blog whether these have abusive words.

I have got many nice blog addresses from where I am learning more about Bangladesh Politics. I would like to thanks all of the following blogger.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy
Asif: A Progressive MAN
Nazim Farhan
Nazzina Mohsin
Andrew Morris
Ahmede Hussain
Tanvir Anwar
Shahidul Alam
Shada Kalo
Shahzaman Mozumder

I am looking for more Bangladeshi Blog address .

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

What Kind of Journalism it is!

I have read a bogus news in

It said that the daily rent of the flat in 20 Porchester Palace is £330. Its totally impossible. We live in London, We know the living cost well. It may be weekly.

If the daily rent is £330, the monthly rent would come £9900. In London, anyone buy a property using 5% down payment. It means anyone can buy a property by £9900 down payment. It may be not in the W2 area, But the monthly rent £9900 is absurd.
The rental status in W2 may be seen in the below ink:

The best link for the status of the flat is here:

What kind of journalism it is!
What is the motive of the Amader Shomoy?
What is the purpose of publishing this kind of news?

Update: The Daily Amader Shomoy has clarified the report regarding the news published earlier. Here is the link

AND FINALLY the motive has been come out.

Dont forget to get the motive of the news:

Sunday, 22 April 2007

More trouble for Sheikh Hasina

Last week I was totally absconded from my normal life. I was running to get the latest news about Sk. Hasina.

I attended the program of Sk Hasina at London. After the meeting i went to Rehana's home to get more info about Hasina's strategy.

Hasina looked very confident before the past I met her. But finally she did not get the boarding pass in BA. So now she is in Rehana's house.

What finally worked was the threat the Bangladesh government issued to the British airliner saying "if they carry her, the government would not let the flight of the internationally renowned airlines to land in Dhaka".

BA authorities informed Hasina of the reasons why they could not fly her.

Meanwhile, two British MPs were assisting the former Bangladesh premier at the airport in getting airline's permission.

British lawmaker Emily Thornbery told Hasina that she would discuss the issue with British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett and also will raise it in parliament.

I will be running to her to get the next step.

We assume that she will stay London upto the next step.

Read the link about the latest situation:
According to DNAINDIA
Bangladesh goes Pak way

According to Bruneitimes
Curtains for powerful Begums of Bangladesh

According to REUTERS
Bangladeshis mull fate of political matriarchs

According to India Daily:
Why is Bangladesh so afraid about Former Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina?

According to IHT:
Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant for former prime minister

According to ZEEnews
Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant against Hasina

According to Finnancial Express
Court stays warrant of arrest order against Hasina on IO's plea

Ban on Hasina's return raised during Iftekhar-Margaret meet

According to Indiaenews:
Court stays warrant against Hasina

According to BBC
Sheikh Hasina warrant suspended

According to REUTERS
Bangladesh ex-PM says won't go into exile

Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant for ex-PM

According to Channel 5
Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant for ex-prime minister

According to ALJAZEERA
Hasina: I will fight charges










Monday, 16 April 2007

Shuvo Bangla Novoborsho

Shuvo Bangla Noboborsho!

Last week, I have passed my free time with Joy Daa. He has recently come to London as a student. I did not know him before. But Alok, the brother of my best friend Polok, introduecd me with Joy da. Joy daa is a AGRI Unversity Graduate. But now he is struggling here very much. I am pussing him to take money from BD to start his course in a University in London. But he cant manage his parients. As per know they are very rich person. But they are asking Joy daa to manage the tuition fees with doing JOB! How strange it is to manage it. His parients has no idea about London Life.

Joy daa is now doing job in a BD restaurent. Do u belive he is choping thousands of onion in a day? I feel very sad for him . But What can he do without choping onion?

Best of luck JOY DAA.

Friday, 13 April 2007


Dear Friends.

I have decided to write the daily life in London in my blog page. I will write it on weekly basis. I think my writings on daily life in London would be helpful to those who would like to get information on UK.