Sunday, 22 April 2007

More trouble for Sheikh Hasina

Last week I was totally absconded from my normal life. I was running to get the latest news about Sk. Hasina.

I attended the program of Sk Hasina at London. After the meeting i went to Rehana's home to get more info about Hasina's strategy.

Hasina looked very confident before the past I met her. But finally she did not get the boarding pass in BA. So now she is in Rehana's house.

What finally worked was the threat the Bangladesh government issued to the British airliner saying "if they carry her, the government would not let the flight of the internationally renowned airlines to land in Dhaka".

BA authorities informed Hasina of the reasons why they could not fly her.

Meanwhile, two British MPs were assisting the former Bangladesh premier at the airport in getting airline's permission.

British lawmaker Emily Thornbery told Hasina that she would discuss the issue with British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett and also will raise it in parliament.

I will be running to her to get the next step.

We assume that she will stay London upto the next step.

Read the link about the latest situation:
According to DNAINDIA
Bangladesh goes Pak way

According to Bruneitimes
Curtains for powerful Begums of Bangladesh

According to REUTERS
Bangladeshis mull fate of political matriarchs

According to India Daily:
Why is Bangladesh so afraid about Former Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina?

According to IHT:
Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant for former prime minister

According to ZEEnews
Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant against Hasina

According to Finnancial Express
Court stays warrant of arrest order against Hasina on IO's plea

Ban on Hasina's return raised during Iftekhar-Margaret meet

According to Indiaenews:
Court stays warrant against Hasina

According to BBC
Sheikh Hasina warrant suspended

According to REUTERS
Bangladesh ex-PM says won't go into exile

Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant for ex-PM

According to Channel 5
Bangladesh court suspends arrest warrant for ex-prime minister

According to ALJAZEERA
Hasina: I will fight charges











Salam Dhaka said...

Welcome to blogging. Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Please grow up. Try to do something for Bangladesh, not Bangladesh AL. Bangladesh comes before Bangladesh AL.

Anonymous said...


Scared to publish the truth???

Why did you delete my comment???

:D :D :D

Believe me, I expected that a by-product of BCL can't accept the truth!

Thanks for proving me correct.

Anonymous said...

Apnar moto manushder jonno amader dui ojoggyo netri eto din dhore khomotay thaakte parey. Ami asha kori Bangla online communityr shongey mile mishey apnar chokh khulbey!

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the motivation of guys like Sushanta. They are living in abroad. What gain can they make by adulating these netris? I understood their motivation if they were in Bangladesh. Like he must lick SH's shoes to promote him as a BCL leader. But why is he still doing it in UK? Is it just habit? I am really at a loss.

Anonymous said...

he's going it because that's all he knows how to do. For the rest of us with critical minds, this should be a lesson: this is the kind of blind devotion to people, not issues, that we have to deal with in BD!

I'm just glad he's not deleting these comments. I don't know who u are (the last anonymous), but keep posting here.

SUSHANTA said...

Pls look at my profile if u have read it earlier. I have edited it. You can blame BCL but not student politics. I know many of BCL leaders are corrupted.

Anonymous said...

kire shala kutta!
london aa bose chamchami koris keno?
election korbi naki?
tur mukhe publick prosrab korbe!

Anonymous said...

He has removed ALL BCL references from his profile. He's not only a chamcha, but a fraud as well.

Of course we blame student politics. We also blame your netri and her opponent. You ONLY blame her opponent.

That's the difference between you and me.

Anonymous said...

Well said guys. Of course I will keep posting here but don't know whether my comments whill go through as he has started moderating them. If we can motivate him and bring him to his senses, ignite his self-respect, then we are successful. At least we could enlighten one Bangladeshi who was in totally wrong path. I do not think this man a bad person, he is just misguided. He needs to open his mind.


SUSHANTA said...

Actually I dont know how to digest these types of word.

So i started moderation. But finally i think I have to digest everywords from you all.

May be, I will be benifited from these comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sushanta, you proved me right that you are not a bad person. I am really hopeful now to make you understand what people want from our politicians now and what as a patriot Bangladeshi we should do.

Anonymous said...

Shonen Bhai,

Apnakey personally attack jodi keu korey, shey apnar bhalor kotha chinta kortese na.

Tobe amar moto, keu jodi apnar politics ke attack kore, shey apnar o desher bhalor kotha chinta kortesey.

Ami chai je apni apnar chokh, kaan o mone khola rakhun. Awami League na BNP support koren, kar jonno activism koren, sheita apnar bepaar. But eita chinta korsen, apni to apnar Apa ke support dilen. Apnar Apa apnar desher jonno ki korlo? Apnar jonno na, apnar desher jonno. Uni jodi kono bhul korey thaakey, taholey ki apni taakey boltey paarben?

Bishash hoy je emono desh ase jei khaaney apnar moto junior worker leaderder shaathey boshe kotha bole o complain shuney frankly? Apnar apa ki ta kore? Korle baar baar eki mistake kore keno?

Ami BNP ba Jamaat ba Ershad ba Yunus premik noi. Desh premik hishaabey apnake ei proshno kortesi. Ar ahobaan kortesti je chokh, kaan o mone ta khola raakhben!

SUSHANTA said...

Frankly speaking Sajeeb W Joy is continuosly giving suggestion to his MOM to control his speech.

Yes, if you see anything wrong with Sk. Hasina you can put it directly to Joy's Blog( I think your comment would be deliveresd to her.

Anonymous said...


Ignore the abuse. It comes from the hands of cowards who won't show their own hands because it would be easy to jump all over them. I applaud your openness.