Wednesday, 25 April 2007

What Kind of Journalism it is!

I have read a bogus news in

It said that the daily rent of the flat in 20 Porchester Palace is £330. Its totally impossible. We live in London, We know the living cost well. It may be weekly.

If the daily rent is £330, the monthly rent would come £9900. In London, anyone buy a property using 5% down payment. It means anyone can buy a property by £9900 down payment. It may be not in the W2 area, But the monthly rent £9900 is absurd.
The rental status in W2 may be seen in the below ink:

The best link for the status of the flat is here:

What kind of journalism it is!
What is the motive of the Amader Shomoy?
What is the purpose of publishing this kind of news?

Update: The Daily Amader Shomoy has clarified the report regarding the news published earlier. Here is the link

AND FINALLY the motive has been come out.

Dont forget to get the motive of the news:


Anonymous said...

Beta TOR motive ki ei news re patta dawar???? must be shorojontro against netri!!! chutmarani

Anonymous said...

It is funny that he keeps deleting the comments. He doesn't have the courage to face the truth. He is a chicken-hearted shit. He must be chased away from the country by Chatro-Shibir and he still can't forget it :D:D:D.

Come on man, be a man, not a chicken shit! Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, at last you found out how to control the comments :). I thought a dumb fool like you would never find it! How many times did you clean the shoes of Sheikh Hasian when she was in London????


SUSHANTA said...

Dear :D:D:D:D:D:D

I know how to moderate the comments but dont know how to digest bad words.

But I deceide I will publish every words from you all whether these have any sense or not.

Tnx for writing here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this strategy. You chose the right thing. When you decide to delete comments, people will be more excited as they will know that you are being affected by their bad words. But when you publish, they will not get the fun rather speak in rational way what they want to speak. Only then healthy debate will ensue. I think the people who used bad words will now start putting their real points here, they will not swear any more.

Selim said...

This newspaper soetimes publish this type of shit. Few weeks ago they have published a letter from Muhiuddin,

Fugstar said...

I'm not 'always an awami leager' thats a very reactionary label to throw at me. I don't define myself against anybody, I am just who i am and i try not to be a sheep. Read 'on being a political orphan'. The Awami League if full of human beings who I care about. The weird collective behaviours and warped thinking and emotionality of the different parties are what I disagree with.

My blog is hardly Bangladesh politix focussed plus Suhrawardhi and Bhashani are figure i hold in high esteem.