Sunday, 29 April 2007

WE NEED TO WAKE UP: The best comment I have ever read

I had a strong support for one of the two ever feuding parties over the other. I know both are bad. Both are bad because we are bad. We vote for them. We become a party of their corruption. We take part in thier destructive so called legitimate democratic movement, hartal, garao/aborhod, bangchur, Jalao-porao, killing campaign of the opposition camps by logi-boita-lathi or guns. We help them making mess of business, economy and communication. We destroy lives and propery. We kill our brothers as the leaders tell us, “they are your enemies”. And even we don’t hesitate to get ourselves killed.

So only the politicians are not blameworthy, we the stupid people who always claimed to be politically conscious are equally responsible of our self-demolition. We vote for them, rig vote for them, we donate and extort money for them, we fuel their fund.

We fail to condemn when our leader isnstruct us if one of us is killed, Kill 10 of them. We fail to condemn when our leader says, Police families and their wives, children have no right to live as police have killed our worker.

We are politically addicted/drunk. Alcholic abusers or drug addicted people may brag they know the different brand names of alchohol or drugs they drink or use. But they really don’t know how do they work and how they kill them. Like-wise we are proud our people are politically conscious but in fact we are polictically addicted population.

We don’t know what politics and democracy are and how they can work for us. WE NEED TO WAKE UP.

Every body must need to study and learn politics so that we can be true political or democratic activist, not the addict.

We need to know about politics as we know A,B,C,D… the alphabet, otherwise, we will be the just prey of crooked corrupt self-seeking politics. One international reknown socialistic politcian once said, ''Politics is too important in life to leave only with politician.''

As I said before I had a strong support for one party. But as I see the country’s interest over party interest I’m now in favor of banning BNP, AWL and Jamat for a fresh start, hopefully a better and brighter polity for the country that suffered too long under the yokes of this trio cataclasmic politics.

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Asif said...

Very nice read. Thank you Sushantaa for posting this. And thanks also for linking my blog.