Thursday, 15 February 2007


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Sushanta Das Gupta


Anonymous said...

Please learn something from the British people. Forget your dark past as a BCL leader. Learn patriotism, gentleman-ship from them and then go back to the country to apply what you have learnt. Please leave the bootlicking culture with what you are used to. I presume that you are a patriot. Please act like that, not like a blind sycophant of BAL.

SUSHANTA said...

TNX a lot.
I will try my best to get knowledge from all the online community.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you a nice person but severely misguided. As now you are in London, I am sure your mind will open. You will see how we Bangladeshis do wrong things in our country. Our motherland will be benefitted by you only if you bring back the knowledge to her. Otherwise, you can be like the rest who just come abroad to pass their life in peace and luxury, it is not bad though only if you do not do any harm to your country even from here. We the general people of Bangladesh have no problem with any leader as long as (s)he is competent. But it is undeniable fact that the current two leaders of our country are not good administrators for us. I mean when they are prime ministers, they can't deliver what they should. Rather they indulge in corruption. They are good political leaders in the sense that they can ignite people sentiment, they can rally people behind them but when they are given the opportunity to run the country, they fail miserably. It is like a good student is not always a good teacher. To be a good teacher, you have to have some other qualities. They are good public agitator but not good at administering the country. This is not my opinion, a fact proved by them.

I hope you will not delete comments, rather face them and try to refute them. Comments section is a very good place to hold debates. It makes our misunderstandings go away. Anyone may be right or wrong, a public debate is the best thing to identify it.

Anonymous said...

Shushanta, you seem to be a very nice person, and truly patriotic and couragous. I respect you for deciding to post all the comments you receive, even if they contain bitter (and unjustified) criticism.
I do not think many people have the courage to face such criticism, and make it public in their own site. You have a big heart, Shushanta!

I always read and appreciate your comments at dristipat and joy's site. I really liked the way you informed us about the latest developments regarding Sheikh Hasina's case. AL is really fortunate to have supporters like you. I do not think other political parties in Bangladesh have such loyal, patriotic and devoted supporters. If they had, their leaders would have had them in time of need. If they had, the supporters would have voiced out their concerns in difficult time. I visit different site, but I do not see and hear the voices of direct supporters of BNP, Jamat, Jatiyo Party, LDP, etc etc.

Don't feel bad about the silly criticism you receive from other bloggers. You don't need to 'learn' gentleman-ship(!) from the Brits, you are what you are, and people like and respect you for what you are. Those, who do not have the qualities to be respected, may learn positive things (including politeness) from you.

Shushanta, I will be visiting your blogspace from time to time. I wish you all the best.

Best regards,
'An unknown friend'

SUSHANTA said...

Tnx for ur kind appreciation.

'' I visit different site, but I do not see and hear the voices of direct supporters of BNP, Jamat, Jatiyo Party, LDP, etc etc.''

Because the IT literacy of those people from BNP, Jamat, Jatiyo Party , LDP is not mentionable and they have few things in favour of them.

Else nothing!