Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Compare the Two Cases

Tuesday night an Islami Chatro Shibir Leader in Pabna was arrested by RAB and then released as usually. You can see the news in the Prothom Alo.

There is another news that has not been published anywhere. Tanu Das Gupta, a student of BBA in Leading University, Sylhet has been arrested Tuesday morning at 11.30 am under the act 54 and tortured a lot and then thrown to PS.

I have collected the FIR that is just a rubbish else nothing. Look how a non-political innocent guy was arrested twice for beating the so called 'source of JF'. Have a look to the FIR.
[ Sumantra Das Gupta Tanu]

What we get from the above two cases:

1. If you are Islami Chatro Shibir minded, you will not be charged anything if there were many valid reasons.
2. If you are out of Jamati , you will be arrested twice under clause 54 and thrown to Jail.

I wish to raise few questions from the attached FIR(?) copy;

1. Is there any official post in JF as ' source'?
2.Is it acceptable anything like attached here as FIR/GD without naming any victimized person?
3.If anyone has been freed via honorable court at anytime for arresting under 54, is it legal to arrest him again under clause 54?
4.Can P.S declared anybody as '
SONTRASI' without proving anything in the recent past?
5. Who is administra
ting the JF in Habiganj? Is it administrating by the so called 'source'?

I think you can get more points from the attached FIR/GD.

N.B: PS of Habiganj has applied for 5 Days remand to torture him again. I don't understand what they are asking for to him? He was remanded before for 1 day but they did not find any thing illegal with him. SO why again ?

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