Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Picture of Yellow Journalism

There is one example of yellow journalism:

Yellow Journalism1

Yellow Journalism2

Both of the link has the same news word to word. Both of them referred the same source '' The Saptahik Jonatar Chuk'' . I have tried to get from all of friends around the world where is from that '' The Saptahik Jonatar Chuk'' published. But I have failed to get the accuracy of their source.

What ever the source, I would like to get some points of the contents. Before that please have some facts about the persons mentioned in the reports.

I think all those are simply Intentional part. I am Just feeling that those people are finding some ways to take Tasneem inside again for unnecessary reasons and they want to seek attention. Now I feel those Journalist know each and every one of us and they know Asif and Naeem even very well . Other wise why will they change Modhupur to Mohammod pur. Another funny statement is about garbage middle class people. 'These type of comments are simply to create negative feelings on the mind of people.

Basically we have two problems Asif is VP of a really good organisation. Thirty-four-year-old Rubel Ahsan has been working in the IT industry in Silicon Valley, California for the last 10 years. Rubel Ahsan is doing well some how quite ok. More or less every one of us has stable professional carrier. Basically It is very easy to highlight Our so called political standing and all that we can't write much on those from Foreign land.

My analysis and comments of the claims:

1. Joy & Tasneem's comment about LORC (?): These are personal opinions and analysis of the situation. As concerned citizens, everyone has the right to analyse the political scenario.

2. "All these garbage -- middle class people", "Hot button to drive them away"-- Don't these seem out of context ? "Joy doesn';t give patta about constitution and democracy" -- Ludicrous. These things must be quoted out of context.

3. "Asif Saleh funds" -- as Asif bhai has claraified, it's the Modhupur fund of DP. See the note to ''The Amder Shomoy'' from Asif and Naeem.

NOTE to Amader Shomoy from Asif and Naeem

4. "Caretaker govt union of bustards." -- Personal opinion.

5. " Gettiara & Topon Chow, Dr Kamal" -- Isn't it true ? Geetiara looks after the public relation of Tata, Topon Chow going after his business rivals, Dr. Kamal is the law adviser of Asia energy.

6. "Anti Dr. Yunus film" -- There had been lots of anti AL, anti BNP films. So anti Yunus film is no big deal.

7. "B. Umar and Anu Md interview" -- both are anti Dr. Yunus.

8. "Tareq and Hasina news" -- source is DGFI. Seems to be correct.

9. "Exit strategy of army, Tofail Amu gong, " -- Political analysis.

10. " the sooner the army takes over, the better -- Joy" -- out of context.

11. "Lobbying of Dr. Kamal" -- infomration from Joy. Also seems to be correct.

12. Rubel Ahsan, Tasneem & arafat (lakh lakh dollar transaction) -- No idea what they are talking about .

So i would like to request all the yellow journalist to maintain the Rules of Journalism which they have. The journalist can save the nation from corruption. But what happen if they themselves were living i n yellow journalism and corruption?

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