Thursday, 10 May 2007

Tasneem Khalil: All the BEST

All our effort should be thrown to CTG to rescue TASNEEM(

The entire link related to Tasneem Khalil:

Urgent: Reporters Under Attack In Bangladesh by MASH

Tasneem, we'll come get you by SALAMDHAKA

Tasneem Khalil picked up by army by DP

Breaking News: Journalist Blogger Tasneem Khalil arrested by REZWAN

Blogger Tasneem Khaleel Picked up by the Army: Deshivoice

Tasneem Khalil Arrested: Seruous Golmal

Blogger Tasneem Khaleel Arrested by the Army: ADDABAZ


9. In Bangla Blog

10. Brief

Reporter Taken Away At Night By Military In Bangladesh: The Moderate Voice

12. Bangladesh: Release Journalist and Rights Activist : REUTERS

13. Press release by Human Rights Watch

14. Tasneem Khalil Arrested: Shada Kalo

15. Tasneem’s Last Article: Suchinta

16.Wife: Bangladesh journalist arrested -CNN

17.Bangladeshi journalist detained, family and colleague say-IHT

18.Important: Tasneem Khalil arrested by military police-Pickle Politics

19.Tasneem Khalil detained by Bangladesh’s military-led government-Sculpin

20.Tasneem Khalil arrest: IMPERFECT WORLD

21.Protest the arrest of Journalist and Blogger Tasneem Khalil :TPOI

22.Tasneem Khalil: What You Can Do-Suchinta

23.Bangladeshi journalist detained, family and colleague say: China POST

24.Tasneem Khalil arrested - See update 2 to know what you can do now! ASIF DHAKASHOHOR

25. The Trojan Horse-SHAHIDUL

26. Taylormarsh

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28. heathlander

29. Neverinournames


Faiyaz Al said...

Well done Sushanta da. Keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

Sushanta, international blogs are picking up the story as well.

SUSHANTA said...

tnx MASH.

I am always in searching and adding.

tanoydutta said...

Thanks Sushanta

Md Habib said...

Well done Sushanta da. Keep us informed.